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Does Mtf Hrt Affect Voice? (FAQ)

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1Does HRT affect your voice?

There will be no effect on the vocal cords or the vocal tract if you’re transitioning to female.

Some transgender people’s voices are often sad because they are hoping (and rightfully so) that this will help to raise their voice or a little lighter. Sadly, it doesn’t have that effect.

Trans women are particularly dependent on voice therapy if they want to change or work on improving their voice for this reason. This really depends on the individual, as some people don’t want to work on their own.

2Does transition change your voice?

Transgender people, or women making the change to men, can have longer vocal cords and deeper voices if they take testosterone. However, hormone therapy does not make vocal chords shorter or thinner for transgender women who start the transition to female after puberty.

Some transgender people have surgery to shorten their vocal cords, but the results are not predictable.

Adrienne Hancock, an assistant professor of speech at George Washington University who focuses on transgender voice and communication, says that learning to sound like a man or woman goes beyond pitch.

There’s resonance. As opposed to, say, Marilyn Monroe, Hancock imagines actor James Earl Jones humming a “M.”

And speech patterns for both men and women can be quite different, according to Celia Hooper, a dean at the University of North Carolina Greensboro who has taught speech and language classes for transgender men and women on and off since 1978.

“I wanted to be a typical older male,” Hooper says, leading by example. “I’d use short, clipped speech. ‘Yep, nope, just like that.’

3Does low estrogen affect voice?

The vocal tract’s mucous membranes are also affected by estrogen deprivation. As estrogen levels decrease, vocal folds begin to absorb water, causing the vocal folds to swell, blood vessels to expand, and vocal fold mass to rise (Emerich, Hoover). Sataloff, 1996).

4Does estrogen make your voice high?

For several trans men, testosterone reduces the tone of their voice as time goes. Trans women aren’t as fortunate: Estrogen has no effect on a voice that has already been affected by male puberty.

Trans women aren’t as fortunate: Estrogen has no effect on a voice that has already been affected by male puberty.

5How can I make my MTF voice higher?

6How do I feminize my MTF voice?

7Is MtF voice training hard?

MtF voice training isn’t simple and requires a lot of preparation. When you are in the middle of training, a lot of people have the belief that singing is bad for your voice because it puts a strain on your vocal cords.

However, this is false. When you are in the middle of your voice change, singing is actually very helpful for you. You will be able to discover the “feminine” side of your voice through singing for MtF voice training, in particular.

8How long does MtF voice training take?

The therapy usually takes 4-6 sessions over 8-10 weeks, but it can be accelerated. Many voice patients are content with their voices after the initial consultation and prefer not to have the Wendler glottoplasty.

For those who opt for the surgery, you can expect to have an average of six months after the tissue has healed. You’ll need to be home for a week and then return to the clinic to see how you’re healing. We’ll start with some gentle exercises to support your voice’s gradual reintroduction of your voice. If you want to have the tracheal shave, it can be done at the same time as the Wendler glottoplasty. This would involve a small incision.

9What hormones make your voice deeper?

At puberty, male bodies begin to produce a lot of hormone testosterone (pronounced: tes-Tuh-rone), which leads to changes in several areas of the body, including the voice. For starters, a guy’s larynx (pronounced: LAIR-inks), also known as the voice box, is getting bigger.

10Does estrogen affect the vocal cords?

The laryngeal mucosa is hypertrophic and glandular cells’ secretions are also increased. Protestone causes dryness and congestion of the vocal folds right before menstruation.

11Does HGH make your voice deeper?

On GH+Ox 0.06 and three patients (11%), the frequency of voice in one patient (3%) dropped to less than -2 SDS. The percentage of patients reporting subjective voice deepening was similar between the two dosage groups. Conclusions: Untreated girls with TS have remarkably high voices.

In a dose-dependent manner, the addition of Ox to GH reduces voice frequency.

12How can I deepen my voice?

To speak with a deeper voice, open your throat and try to talk through your mouth rather than your nose. If you speak slowly and breathe from your diaphragm, it also helps. In addition, get into the habit of swallowing before speaking, which will make you talk in a more personal way.

13What is an attractive female voice?

According to their report, male voices suggest a smaller body mass—high-pitched, breathy voices with wide formant spacing—the most popular. Females, on the other hand, prefer a low-pitched voice with limited formant spacing, indicating a larger body mass.

This explains one thing women are looking for in a quality mate, as well as a third of Barry White’s album sales.

However, low voices with short formant spacing are often interpreted as threatening, which may explain why women also like breathiness in the voices of their potential suitors.

14Is it possible to feminize voice?

The results of the majority of voice feminization surgery are permanent. Since voice feminization surgery will only change your pitch, you may also need to work on other vocal habits. Voice masculinization surgery isn’t as common as voice feminization surgery.

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