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Does Exercise Bike Work Abs

A lower abdominal workout is a great workout. Bike riding for abs isn’t the only way to work your six-pack. Exercises off the bike are much more fruitful. The rectus abdominis is the main muscle in your abdomen. It’s a single muscle that runs from the ribs to the pelvis and is interwoven horizontally with tendons, giving a rippled appearance. Repeat for two sets of 10 to 15 reps. The American Council on Exercise recommends working out with the remainder of your abdominal muscles in the opposite direction. Video of the Day:

Does Exercise Bike Work Abs

A lower abdominal workout is a great workout. In your lower body, a strenuous cycling session challenges your heart, lungs, and major muscle groups. Although you use abdominal muscles for strength and stability, bike riding for abs isn’t the only way to train your six-pack.

Does Cycling Flatten Your Bum?

The butt gets “flattened” in an office chair as well as on a stationary bike. However, this is temporary. As you take off your seat, your derriere will return to its natural form. Muscles will not flatten or lose their natural curvature due to pedaling combined with sitting.

Won’T Target Abs

Bikes in general don’t like your stomach, but when you pedal a recumbent bike, your abs will get the least amount of work. With a backrest to support your back, you won’t have to work any core muscles to keep yourself upright. The muscles that do work are essentially in the lower part of your body when you use a recumbent bike. On a recumbent, your glute muscles will be particularly strenuous.

Recumbents Plus Weak Abs Equal Injury

If you have weak abs, try improving them before using a recumbent bike. Catherine Logan, a personal trainer and physical therapist, argues that inadequate abs is a contributing factor in hip abduction syndrome. Logan recommends the recumbent bike only after completing recovery, which also includes ab strengthening exercises. The ironic part is that you need strong back muscles to support your abs and vice versa, but back pains are a common reason for people to choose the recumbent bike over a traditional upright stationary bike. If you have a weakness in both areas, it’s best to choose a form of cardio exercise that won’t cause pain or injury, and focus on increasing ab and back strength separately from your aerobic workout.

The Core Of It

If you are riding your bike in the right position, you are unlikely to get a good stomach workout. You should get instruction and proper bike fitting from a bicycle store or a licensed group cycling instructor in the best case. With your head facing forward, not down, your arms and hands should be relaxed on the bars. Without sluggish or curving, your spine should be smooth. Your sitting bones should be brought into the seat, not the meaty part of your butt. Also, don’t let your knees point out to the sides, but rather keep them straight ahead.

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