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Does Exercise Affect Creatinine Levels

This is the first study to look at the connection between cystatin-C and creatinine-based eGFR regimens before and after a 12-month exercise intervention. The Bland-Altman study revealed a significantly lower eGfr measured by CKD-EPIcys. Lamb, et al., reported an overestimation of a GFR using the MDRDcr equation. The equations used to calculate GFR have improved in precision and accuracy. An overestimate of eG FR has been reported previously. According to the results of this research, there are indications that this study was inaccurate.

Does Exercise Affect Creatinine Levels

Physical fitness can raise creatinine turnover and lean mass, but this technique is not appropriate for use in obese individuals.

Supplement And Medication Use

Some vitamins can raise creatinine levels. Lowering these supplements may help lower blood sugar levels. Many athletes and bodybuilders take creatine supplements to increase muscle mass and endurance. The muscles use creatine for energy, but if the muscles don’t use it, the body converts it into creatinine. This can result in elevated creatinine levels that doctors may misinterpret as kidney disease. People with elevated creatinine levels should avoid any Creatine-containing drug. Is creatine supplements a good idea? Considering the use of an herbal remedy, Salvia miltiorrhiza, in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for kidney disease. Extracts of this plant may provide protection against certain types of renal disease, according to a 2018 review of rodents. This may help the kidneys become more efficient at processing creatinine. It may be worth noting that the plant in the study is not the same as Salvia divinorum, which has psychoactive properties. If you’re looking for a chitosan supplement Chitosan is a component of a number of weight loss kits, as well as cholesterol lowering tablets. According to one study in rats with kidney disease, chitosan significantly reduced creatinine levels in rats with kidney disease in 201- However, there are no further evidence to back up its use for this purpose. Before using chitosan or some other drug, consult a doctor; supplements can be dangerous to some people. Diuretics are drugs that help the body eliminate excess fluid from the body. Fluid retention can reduce swelling. However, diuretics can raise creatinine levels in people with kidney disease. Before taking diuretics, consult with a specialist. This is particularly relevant for people on other medications and those with specific health problems. Chronic kidney disease can lead to a lack of kidney function for many years. Learn more about the causes and prevention here.

Ethics Statement

Comité de Protection des Personnels Nord-Ouest IV-n° 2017-A00808-45 reviewed and approved human studies. Patients/participants informed the study that they had signed up in a written informed consent.

Author Contributions

The study’s concept and layout were contributed by an MP, CT, J-CV, and BC. The database was arranged by CT, MP, NT, and HR. The statistical analysis was performed by NT and HR. BC wrote the first draft of the manuscript. The manuscript was written by an MP, CT, LF, EA, OH, NT, J-VC, and BC. All authors contributed to the manuscript revision, read, and approved the final version.

Two Different Approaches To Interpreting Blood Creatinine Concentrations:

A single unique value from a given dog can be compared to a reference interval. This is often the only one available, but it is not always the most desirable. Reference intervals have generally been poorly defined on a small number of animals and can vary greatly between countries and assays. A decision threshold can neither be transferred from one laboratory to another nor from published results to your own use, as long as the conditions are similar. Remember that hypercreatinemia isolated from a single sample does not necessarily mean renal disease is present, but it does indicate the need for additional testing (urine specific gravity, proteinuria, etc.) To investigate renal function and disease, we need to know more.

A value obtained in a particular dog at a specific time can be compared to another value obtained in the same dog at a previous time. If the conditions are standard (same assay procedure used by the same laboratory, fasted dog, etc.), it is certainly a better way to monitor renal function over time. An increase or decrease in creatinine levels generally indicates a decrease or an increase in renal function, respectively, but any potential effects of reduced muscle mass in cachexia should also be considered (see above). This strategy is especially useful in animals with acute kidney disease or chronic kidney disease, or to detect early nephrotoxic effects of drugs (though other indicators, such as enzymuria, may be more sensitive). This strategy has also been used to determine fasting blood creatinine levels in older patients as part of a standard health-monitoring program.

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