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Best Exercise To Increase Bat Speed

With Diamond Kinetics, you can improve your bat speed. A heavier bat has more power than a lighter one. The body’s mass contributes to your ability to produce more bat speed and hand speed. The ability to swing a heavier bat gives the batter more energy and more exit velocity and distance. To help with bat speed, there are a few key muscle groups that can be toned and strengthened. There are some key muscle groups that are toned, strengthened, and can be used to increase bat speed with exercise. The challenge lies in achieving the target on a regular basis, particularly because of the muscle groups’ strength.

Best Exercise To Increase Bat Speed

  • Sit ups/crunches.
  • Bench press.
  • Push ups.
  • Medicine ball rotations.
  • Planks.
  • Strengthening Fast Twitch Muscles

    According to Youth-Athlete’s Sports Blog, Generating a good hitting stroke is a developmental function of quick twitch muscle fibers, which allow for quick bursts of movement. A fast twitch muscle workout will increase your ability to produce the torque required to hit the long ball. To increase quick twitch muscle endurance, weightlifting efforts should be concentrated on exercises that use multiple joints. For example, power squats work the hips, knees, and ankles. Deadlifts are also very popular. The legs are the source of power, so increasing torque can be obtained by improving fast twitch muscles in the lower body.

    Generating Torque

    According to Bat, torque, which is a result of the push-and-pull action of the forearms and hands, is what fuels a baseball swing. After torque is applied, bat speed is maximized when a circular hand path is maintained throughout the swing. To increase bat speed, AZ Panic recommends focusing on workouts that emphasize bio-mechanical efficiency. According to League Lineup, soft toss drills from the plate are a good starting point for this type of training. The muscles used in your swing are conditioned to move with greater ease in a repetitive sequence of swinging movements.

    Mechanics Workout

    According to Mike Macenko of the House of Swing website, bat speed can be increased by reinforcing good swing mechanics. Torquing the ankles and then the knees will get you off to a good swing. The hips and shoulders will be first, followed by the head. Practicing swinging from the bottom of your body and watching the motion progress upward strengthens your muscles and helps you build power throughout your entire body, which will improve bat speed. Macenko has a fitness regimen in which you take 10 to 12 swings as often as possible while focusing on these mechanics. Every week, you should switch between a heavier and a lighter bat, which will help the body to use all muscles to produce bat speed.

    Weighted Crunches

    During a swing, the abdominal muscles provide a lot of energy. Workouts that strengthen the abdominal muscles can help with bat speed. For weighted crunches, lie on your back with your legs in the air and your knees bent at 90 degrees. At arm’s length, hold a weight of your choice above your head. While holding your back to the ground, lift your upper body just slightly into the air. To increase bat speed, three sets of between 20 and 40 repetitions are recommended each day.

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