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Best Exercise To Improve Golf Swing Speed

The new and improved Home Fitness series by Home Fitness focuses on increasing your mobility. This month, we’re upping the ante by adding strength-building exercises. We’ll cover everything from mobility to endurance to functional fitness to help you get ready for the first round of golf in the spring. This week’s workout is all about strength, but building strength isn’t as straightforward as swinging harder or building really strong calves. It’s why Cody Hoyt, the owner and head trainer at 7 Fitness, has devised a workout plan that will help you get your swing back in time for spring.


When you play, this is what keeps you grounded on the ground. It doesn’t matter how much motion you have. Your swing will not have the strength and precision you need it to without stability.


Improving your mobility will have a direct effect on your range of motion and your ability to get to a point of contention for a strong swing. Not only do you hit the ball far enough, but also do it consistently.

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5. Squat Jumps

Squat jumps can put fear into some people, but you only need to do as many as five to begin with, as Greaves is keen to stress.

“It’s a speed power-based workout, and you should be aiming to jump as high as you can,” he says.

“As we get older, muscle mass and strength diminishes, as well as decreasing the ability to produce force quickly,” Greaves says.

Start in a standing position, then drop to a quarter squat position and explode.

Make sure you land softly in the same squat position as well as in a deep squat position.

“You can make it simpler for you based on your age,” Greaves says.

“You can go up and down quickly, but not leave the floor, or even do it holding onto something, which is very important.”

“Just having the intention of moving the little bit faster will make a difference with your golf.” Learn how to do a squat jump here.

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