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How To Exercise Your Cat

When it comes to kitty cardio, pet parents are often at a loss. “We have a obesity epidemic in cats,” Dr. Shelby Neely says. This leads to diabetes and the majority of the obesity-related disorders that affect people. Exercise can help your cat stay slim and prevent these health issues, leading to a happier cat and fewer unhealthy life. Here are 20 ways to get your cat to exercise: Tossing a tennis ball, tossesing Frisbees, playing Friscoe, Playing with ice, and playing with your dog are all viable options. Playing with a ball in the park is able to get your dog to exercise.

How To Exercise Your Cat – Answer & Related Questions

According to Neely, “You can take your cat for walks on a leash.” “It’s really important to use a harness, not just a collar, and to allow your dog to get used to short stretches of time wearing the harness outside.”

How Much Exercise Does A Cat Need?

Cats are naturally less able to exercise than dogs, so you may have to make a concerted effort to get your feline furbaby moving.
Select a game that makes your cat happy, such as chasing frogs or laser pointers.
The more you do, the better it is likely to be for your pet.
Our veterinary staff will be able to advise you about your pet’s health needs and will also be available to give you more tips and tricks for getting your cat moving.
The best way to ensure your cat gets enough exercise is to spend a little time each day playing with them.

Are Stairs Good Exercise For Cats?

Cats love to climb and down stairs (depending on your cat’s age, gender, and their stamina). This can be a great way to get some exercise. Cats also love the vertical advantage steps they receive, particularly if they are able to see from a vantage point.

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