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Does Levothyroxine Cause Weight Gain

The net result may be weight gain, but it is usually no more than 5-10 pounds. Hypothyroidism alone does not cause significant obesity problems. The body’s metabolism has slowed, resulting in a change in the balance between calories consumed and energy used. Hypothroidism patients may also experience some fluid retention and fluid retention. The net result may be less than 5 lbs. “I have hyperthyroidism now, so please give me a diet to stick to in order not to gain weight.” “Can Hashimotos Disease have a major effect on not being able to lose weight?”

Does Levothyroxine Cause Weight Gain – Answer & Related Questions

For people who are already using levothyroxine, increasing the dose above what is needed can result in more weight loss, but it is not significant, and those pounds are often regained after the dose is reduced again.

What Are Symptoms Of Release Of Too Much T3 And T4 Hormone?

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– Irrritability or moodiness.
Nervousness and hyperactivity.
– Sensitivity or sensitivity to high temperatures.
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– Missed or light menstrual periods.

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