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Does Deficiency Vitamin D Cause Weight Gain

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that occurs in countless dishes and has been added to others. Vitamin D supplementation can be combined with sun exposure to produce sufficient amounts and prevent deficiency. With our simple-to-use vitamin D blood test, you can determine your vitaminD levels from home. You simply take a small sample of blood (via merely prick), send it to chemistry for analysis (aprepaid shipping label is included with the kit), and get digital results in days. Credentialed experts with experience in medical and bioscience are interviewed for the Everlywell blog.

Does Deficiency Vitamin D Cause Weight Gain – Answer & Related Questions

Unintentional weight gain can be attributed to vitamin D deficiency. According to a report on women over the age of 65, participants with a lower vitamin D status had more weight gain.

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