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Can You Gain Weight Drinking Diet Soda

According to a new report, artificial sweeteners in diet soda may actually raise your appetite. The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, commissioned the report. The study included 74 adults, none of whom had been maintaining their weight for at least three months. The findings were published in the American Journal of Medicine’s U.S. Journal on October 1, 2015.

Can You Gain Weight Drinking Diet Soda – Answer & Related Questions

According to a 2015 report, there was a correlation between diet sodas and increased belly fat. The San Antonio Heart Study followed diet soda drinkers from 1979 to 1988, finding that people who drank diet soda three times a day were twice as likely to be overweight than those who did not.

Do Diet Sodas Cause Belly Fat?

According to a new report, there is correlated between the increased consumption of diet drinks and the rise of belly fat in older adults.
The report also shows that with the rise in belly fat, there is also an elevated risk of other diseases related to obesity.
Here are some tips for replacing one diet drink per day with a tall glass of plain, cold water if you’ve been drinking diet soda for ages and are still not getting the results you need and want to minimize your caloric intake.
At least one diet drink has been substituted with real fruit-flavored water, which includes lemons, strawberries, peaches, etc.

Will I Lose Weight If I Stop Drinking Diet Soda?

According to a nine-year report, older adults who drank diet soda were still packing on belly fat.
Over the next ten years, the likelihood of obesity rises by 65%.
According to a report published in 2014, cola-drinking women had lower bone mineral density in their hips.
A soda drink can dehydrate your bones, but giving up soda will reduce your risk of bone fracture and increase bone strength.
According to a recent report, the risk of diabetes and fat storage has decreased, your kidneys work better, and obesity risk has reduced.

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