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Best Way Gain Weight High Metabolism

If you have a high metabolism, you’ll need more calories than most people to maintain your weight. To lose weight quickly, make eating high-calorie foods a daily routine and regularly exercise in strength training. A healthy rate of gain is 1 pound per week, which means you will gain muscle mass, not just body fat, to look fitter and function more efficiently in your busy, active lifestyle. To gain 0.5 percent of your body fat and 0.3 percent of the body fat, you need at least 0.2 pounds per week.

Best Way Gain Weight High Metabolism – Answer & Related Questions

To eat between meals, choose whole foods with a lot of calories. Fill a baggie with nuts or trail mix and snack on it throughout the day. Make a high-calorie smoothie with milk, pineapple, coconut cream, flaxseeds, and whey protein to drink after a workout.

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