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Best Exercise To Increase Flexibility

Exercise is anti-inflammatory and helps loosen you up by putting stiff tissues through a range of stretching and strengthening. It also helps lubricate the joints and breaks tiny scars that form on a microscopic level in soft tissues (especially if they are inflamed) which add to a stiffening with age. Stretching exercises such as neck rolls, cat stretches and hamstring stretches can all help improve muscular flexibility, making activities that require flexibility – such as gardening, dancing or playing with children – easier on the body. Dr Patricia Macnair of Milford Hospital, Surrey, says exercise is a major way to maintain flexibility as we age.

Best Exercise To Increase Flexibility – Answer & Related Questions

  • The cat stretch.
  • Side reach and stretch.
  • Shoulder rolls. Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart and arms at your sides, loosely relaxed.
  • Neck-and-shoulder release.
  • Lower back mobiliser.
  • Chest mobiliser.
  • Standing hamstring stretch.
  • Extended angle side bend.
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