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9 Essential Post Run Stretches

This hamstring stretch is much more comfortable on your back than the bending-over stretch. You can also straighten your right leg with both hands and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. If you have trouble bending your leg, you can also do this stretch with a bent knee. Bending over or bending over a bend-over exercise is much more effective on the back than bending over a bend-over exercise. Stretch your legs and your hips on the ground to get this stretch on your left side. Do this on the right side with your left leg extended and right leg pulled toward you while your hips are straight.

What Are The 8 Major Stretches?

– Seated trapezius stretch.
– Shoulder stretch.
– Triceps stretch.
– Lower back.
– In three planes, the hip flexor stretch is the longest.
– Hamstring stretch.
– Quadriceps stretch.
– Calf stretch.

What Are The Nine Stretches?

– Cross Arm Stretch. You’ll feel this stretch in your shoulder and upper back, and it will help you with upper body strength.
– Neck Stretches.
– Ankle Stretches.
– Shoulder Stretches.
– Hamstrings Stretches.
– Chest Stretch.
– Back Stretch.
– Quadricep Stretches.

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