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Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm & Exercise

In this rhythmic boxing game, jab, uppercut, dodge, and more are among the pop hits. The fitness box transforms into a full body workout, with dodges, ducks, and step moves. To the beat, pass a Joy-ConTM controller to an exercise buddy and box together. With the support of a virtual instructor, you can personalize your workout. Choose from nine virtual instructors, choose a challenge level from light to heavy, have a personal trainer prepare a workout, or design one entirely from scratch in Free Training. To get the most out of your workout, check out detailed descriptions, practice specific moves, and get valuable feedback from your instructor.

Yo Adrian

I should probably stop volunteering to cover fitness games Not because I don’t need them or I don’t like them, but because I write the lede every day, I have to admit that I didn’t get the most out of the last game I played
Every time I start one of these things, I find myself in the same place I was last: overweight and out of shape

However, I suspect most people feel the same way around the holidays With all the cookies, candy canes, and prime ribs, it’s easy to let yourself go before making the big New Year’s resolution to lose weight With COVID-19 lockdowns still a reality for a large area of the world, now is the perfect time to start an at-home exercise program
Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise is a great way to get to your fitness goals, as long as you don’t already have another game at your disposal

Rhythm & Exercise (Nintendo Switch) Developer: Imagineer Publisher: Nintendo (Nintendo Switch) December 4, 2020 MSRP: $49
99 Let me start by saying that you don’t have to buy Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise If you’re looking for the original, there aren’t enough updates here to make it a demonstrably better experience Congratulations if you’re in possession of the best fitness game on the market today, Ring Fit Adventure And if you’re getting your body moving with one of the Just Dance titles, I can’t really say that this will be a better option for you

That is not to say that it is bad The original Fitness Boxing was a great way to raise your fitness levels in the privacy of your own home None of this information has changed here Punching in time to the beat is still feels good, and it will wear you out quickly To perform them in a way that the game will recognize as competitive, players will have to change how they throw punches, but Fitness Boxing 2 looks more forgiving than its predecessor It was certainly generous with those “perfect” punches, or perhaps I just never lost my muscle memory from the original

When you first started exercising, you’ll be guided through the first workout that will give you your Fitness Age When you’re no longer in the tutorial, you’ll get your real Fitness Age It told me I was 18 after my first workout but it pushed my assassination rate to 48 when I stopped halfway through day two It was my fault for doing a longer workout rather than a shorter one to get back to the swing of things, but if there is one thing that prolongs play is helpful, it’s building stamina

It’s better to stick with it, and to its credit, some of the Fitness Boxing 2 improvements make it more convenient to return to day after day Your punches are now scored like every other rhythm game in terms of how you land them, and there is a “star power” mode in which those scores increase If the timing of your punches is off, you can adjust it by hand

Should I Buy Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise?

iMore This is certainly not a game for hardcore fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a mindblowing workout, but it does provide a fun way to get some exercise in each day. If you’re like me and have a difficult time exercising or haven’t been able to get to the gym in a while, I highly recommend Fitness Boxing – It made me sweat and got my heart racing each day. The timed punches and upbeat songs kept my mind distracted, so each session went by. I was even able to exercise with another person at the same time. Being able to participate and see our scores at the end of each round kept us motivated and focused on perfecting our timing and punches. -5 out of 5 Another great feature of this fitness game is that it costs less than Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo’s other popular workout game. And since it only needs you to use Joy-Cons, you won’t have to worry about finding a good place to buy extra accessories.


Although subtle differences may appear on initial inspection, the truth is that Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise is a game that is much deeper than most expected. The little improvements throughout make this game much more available than its predecessor, and just because it isn’t an all-out multi-fitness game like Ring Fit Adventure doesn’t make it an exergaming title not worth playing. So, if you want to try boxing without having a gym membership, make sure you step into the ring with this one.

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